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Honolulu Cricket Club

Code of Conduct 2009/2010/2011

1. Mandatory Dress Code:  All players that step on to the field of play will be properly attired in a white or cream colored shirt and light colored shorts or slacks.  Exceptions might include the HPL 20/20 tournament or
pre-organized rules.  Players without proper attire will be excused from play.

Umpiring: Unless agreed to prior to the start of a match by the captains, two umpires are always to be provided by the batting team.  Umpires are to be competent with the rules of play including umpiring signals.  Match play
will not continue unless two umpires are provided.  Umpires will also make every effort to clearly define their appearance as umpires and not players.

Player Behavior:  Improper player behavior will be enforced more harshly.  Only the team captain will be permitted to speak to the umpire.  Excessive appealing will not be tolerated as well.  Minor incidents will immediately
receive a verbal warning.  More serious infractions will lead to suspensions.  Unless arranged prior to play, players are expected to arrive in a timely fashion and stay for the entire match.  Mobile phones will not be permitted on
the field of play.  As English is a common language that we share, it will be the language of choice for all communication on the field in order to facilitate the monitoring of member interactions.

Fair Play:  All attempts must be made to get batsmen out.  If club officers determine that play is not being conducted in a sporting manner then the offending team will be penalized.  Examples would be intentionally dropping
catches and not taking run outs in order to gain a clear advantage.  Only one bouncer will be permitted from each bowler per innings.  The two umpires will consult and signal the scorer once the delivery has been bowled.  The
scorer will note that the particular bowler has delivered their one bouncer.  Any further deliveries after the limit will result in a "no ball" plus a "free hit" and the bowler may be asked to be removed from bowling further in the match.